Frequently Asked Questions

Some of those questions have been answered

How does escrow works.

Online escrow is a four-step payment process that protects Buyers and Sellers in a transaction.

Escrowpayltd.com holds the funds in trust while goods and/or services are delivered from the Seller to the Buyer. Escrowpayltd.com only releases the funds once the Buyer has received and accepted the goods and/or services.

Can I transact a loan through Escrowpayltd.com?

Transactions involving loans are not supported by Escrowpayltd.com.

How do Buyers or Sellers cancel transactions?

Prior to the agreement of terms by both parties, the Buyer or Seller can cancel the transaction by clicking the “Cancel” button on the transaction detail screen.

After both parties have confirmed transaction details in the Agreement phase, either party may cancel the transaction, if Escrowpayltd.com has not received the Buyer's funds, by sending an email request to support@escrowpayltd.com.

After funds are secured, the cancellation of a transaction can only be done by Escrowpayltd.com after notification of both parties.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact our customer support department via email at support@escrowpayltd.com or chat support when they are online.

How can i pay for my order?

You can add money to your wallet via bank transfer or debit card.

How long does it take to release payment?

All payments are readily available for withdrawal as far as it is in wallet.

Are there any discounts included?

Yes for large volume of goods we cap at NGN 100,000.00

Does my opponent needs account from Escrow Pay Limited?

Definitely, they need to create an account before escrow process can be carried out.

Can redeem voucher code?

Yes, if you have a voucher code from friends and family you can redeem it.

Voucher code, how long does it take to get the money?

Redeem the code and take the money instantly.

Can non account holder recieve a voucher?

Sure they can but they have to open an account to redeem the fund.

Is Escrow pay Limited and registered Escrow service in Nigeria?

Yes we are registered.

What happen if the seller refused to send the goods?

If the time frame stated on the agreement passed without possible and positive reply from the seller then the fund will reimburse to the buyer manually.

Can i spend my money while on escrow?

Yes if you have money left apart from the amount dedicated for the escrow services.

If i release the escrow fund by mistake?

Then we will try our best to talk to the seller, if he refused then you got a new name father chrismas.

Is this bank?

No we are not bank but authorized to carry out escrow transactions.

Can i create Virtual card?

Yes both Naira and dollar.

Where can i use the card?

Any platform that supports visa payment and does not required 3D secure payment.

How secure is my account?

Very secure, enable 2 factor authentication to become bulletproof.

Can i send money to my Bank account?

Those were our first priority, instant.

Do admin or moderator needed to carry out escrow transactions?

We are not part of the transaction until the two parties agrees to disagree.

How long does it take to dissolve a dispute?

If every evidence is available, nothing is there to wait for.

Is there a charge for a cancel escrow services?

We did nothing so we do not expect any payment. No charge.

If the goods involves in accident?

Buyer and the seller will come to a term, if not the money will reimburse to the buyer.

Does escrow give interest for money kept on the account?

We are not bank so we are not authorized to do so.

Can i convert my money to data or airtime?

Yes, click on my profile and click on VAS. your there.

Can I buy Data?

Yes you can buy data from any ISP.

Extra charge for buying Data or Airtime?

We don`t charge you anything, this transaction is free.

Can I buy dstv subscription?

You can renew your TV networks.